what's dinner incredible?

"Food connecting people"

Dinner Incredible was born in the midst of the global pandemic from the idea of the award-winning Sardinian chef Giorgio Diana. Born in Cagliari in 1982 and raised in Munich, Chef Giorgio Diana has a cosmopolitan soul, an adventurous spirit and a great curiosity about different types of cuisine but above all about different world traditions and cultures.
With love and passion” has always been the way of thinking of chef Giorgio Diana. Thus the Dinner Incredible project was born in 2020, made up of a team of 12 world-famous chefs (just like the apostles of the past) who together will go around bringing peace and love and discovering new ingredients, thus supporting small producers and sustainability of the territory. “Play global, eat local” is the motto of this incredible dinner.

Dinner incredible is not a competition between chefs, but rather a cultural exchange between colleagues that unites different religions, traditions, skin colors and cultures, all in the same kitchen, thus putting together a 12-course menu using only typical and seasonal products.
Food connecting People” is a message of pure passion, harmony and collaboration between different peoples, erasing every form of war and racism present today.

After the very famous edition in Bangkok in 2021 and then continuing in Italy in 2022 dinner incredible now moves for the third edition to the Middle East, precisely to Saudi Arabia. Here are the chefs involved in this incredible adventure:

- Giorgio Diana, CEO and founder of Dinner Incredible and number 28 in the prestigious 50 top Italy 2023 guide and number 217 in the best chef awards of 2019

- Manoella Buffara, Brazilian, best female chef in Latin America awarded in 2022 by the world 50 best and number 48 in the best chef awards 2023

- Jacob Jan Boerma, the Dutch chef awarded 3 Michelin stars in the past at his restaurant De Leest, now a consultant for 7 starred restaurants around the world

- Massimiliano Sena, Italian in Switzerland who runs the famous Four Seasons hotel in Geneva and bringing home the Michelin star with the Italian restaurant "il Lago"

- Giovanni Solofra, the 2 Michelin star chef in Paestum with his iconic 3 Olivi restaurant and new candidate for the best chef awards top 100 of 2023
Bruno Menard, the founder of the bocuse d'or in Singapore, 3 Michelin stars won in one fell swoop in Tokyo with the famous L Osier restaurant in 2008 in the first edition of the guide and finally Mr Philippe Briand, mayor of the French city Saint Cyr Sur Loire named a street in the new area of the city with the name of Rue Bruno Menard.

Augustin Balbi, Argentinian, founder of the Andò restaurant in Hong-Kong, 1 Michelin star, number 61 by the world 50 best 2023 and number 61 in the best chef awards 2023

Ekaterina Alehina, a born warrior, first won the war against cancer at the age of 30 and was then awarded as the first female chef in Russia to win the Michelin star plus a green star in 2023 with her restaurant “Biologie” in Moscow

Mario Gamba, Italian and resident in Munich for over 30 years, grew up with the very famous Chef Heinz Winkler - unfortunately who passed away about a year ago - at the time he managed to get 2 stars in Mallorca at the Tristan restaurant, today an ambassador of Italian cuisine in Bavaria and bearer of the Michelin star in Germany from 1994 to today with his well-known restaurant “Acquerello”.

Noda Kotaro, Japanese of origins but with an Italian heart given her culinary experience that began in Italy in Rome way back in 1999. Winner of the Michelin star in Tokyo from 2021 with her restaurant FARO and winner of the green star from 2022

Fatmata Binta, of Ghanaian origins, winner of the Nobel Prize in 2022 by the Basque culinary prize and founder of the Dine-om-a-mat project. In 2021 she was awarded by the best chef awards as best Rising Star chef.

Daniele Chiari, Roman Chef who since 2017 has been the culinary director of the Royal Protocol KSA, organizer of catering for the Saudi government, the Arab League, and all the heads of state visiting the country. Daniele is today the ambassador of Italian cuisine in Saudi Arabia with Scuola Alma, Barilla and Euro Toque Italia and as well as partner of dinner incredible ksa edition. To conclude, he is a member of the club des chefs des chefs, the famous group of chefs from world governments, representing the Saudi Royal Protocol in the world.

Thanks to the collaboration in Saudi Arabia with Daniele Chiari, the Royal Protocol KSA, the chefs will have a tour organized by the government, where they will discover the origins and traditions of Saudi cuisine, from the production of dates to the cultivation of vegetables passing through the dairy factories of camel, and finally they will have to interpret a typical Saudi dish in their own way, thus creating a 12-course menu for approximately 140 people divided into 2 events.

Opening the dance will be chef Bruno Menard, who will interpret the Masabeeb with seasonings to be discovered and the addition of Sturgeon caviar, produced in the Saudi city of Dammam.

Manu Buffara will continue with his seasonal fruit salad, dry yogurt and desert date molasses.

The variation of smoked aubergines, Jerusalem artichokes and macadamias will be created and developed by chef Jacob Jan, known for his passion for vegetables.

Chef Solofra will instead combine the white truffle from the Saudi desert with chicken and mixed mushrooms. Moving forward with the menu we find the Japanese chef Noda Kotaro who will make his own interpretation of the famous Saudi dish "Kbeiba' hail" Chef Ekaterina Alehina will prepare the famous Saiyadiha Rice with a combination of red sea fish and tamarind followed by Chef Sena with his saleeq with spicy vegetables and a string of red peppers.

Giorgio and Daniele will interpret the very famous Matazeez dish, that is, a dampling filled with vegetables with a spicy tomato sauce, served with smoked lamb, and finally to close the dance of the savory world, and then move on to the sweet one, there will be the chef Super-Mario who with his “Camel Kabsa” will have dairy camel meat as its main component accompanied by a mixture of dried fruit, local rice and a spicy spicy sauce. As for the desserts, Chef Balbi will start with his Sogadana, a saffron pre-dessert with edible roses and pistachio and Chef Binta will close the tasting menu with his baobab, hibiscus and toasted sesame ice cream.

During dinner it will be possible to taste one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world of 2023, produced by the Maida company of Jordanian origins and exported throughout the world, winning the gold medal in 2021 both in New York and then also winning it in Italy in 2023.

The program will begin on November 22nd where the chefs will take a cultural trip to the city visiting the very famous museums and historical areas of Riyadh

Day 23 will be the desert farms day in the morning, accompanied by local media interviews with the various chefs, while during the afternoon and evening, Chef Giorgio will participate in the Italian cuisine day, organized by the Alma School, Sitaf official supplier of the two events, the Royal protocol and with the participation of the President of Euro Toque, Enrico Derflingher, who together with the chefs Giorgio Diana, Daniele Chiari, Carlo Ricci (Alma) and Chef Luca Costantini of the Ritz Carlton restaurant, where the event will take place .

on November 24th where the chefs will hold a press conference at the St. Regis Hotel in Riyadh with various local journalists and then fly to the famous Wadi Rum desert in Al-Ula, a UNESCO heritage site and considered one of the many wonders of the world.

On September 25th there will be the first event for 70 people. Tables will be set up in the middle of the desert with your back to the famous red rocks, playing with the lights will create a truly wonderful atmosphere. The kitchens will be placed on portable containers which, when placed next to each other, create a 120 m2 space where the chefs will be able to work on their dishes.

At the end of the dinner you cannot miss the nocturnal desert experience where the chefs will be invited to discover the origins of the Bedouins, listen to their fascinating stories and finally taste their natural teas. The last event will be held on the 26th, the most iconic of all where the chefs will cook inside one of the heritage palace of Saudi King for a list of top VIP guests, CEOs and Princes, so it will be a closed-door event.

During these days filming will take place for the second TV series, the first was created in 2022 by Giorgio Diana and Monica Caradonna, a 4-episode series where the chefs discovered the best of Puglia, its traditions and its values and then broadcast on food network and discovey plus italy in September 2023.

The second series will be different, where chef Giorgio Diana in collaboration with the we are factory and MBC team will involve the entire Saudi world, documenting life in the desert and the survival of products at very high temperatures and then going on to discover the beautiful Arab culture .

In 2024 Dinner Incredible will grow and will have 3 culinary events. In June 2024 there will be the Sardinia tour where the chefs will visit the key points of the island, from the nuraghi to the sand dunes, from the Neptune caves to the island of Caprera and then visit many local producers. Filming for the third TV series will take place here, mostly in Giorgio Diana's native country and therefore with an even more important and exciting meaning. In September 2024 Dinner Incredible will move to Thailand, thanks to the collaboration with Silvervoyage this time we will fly to Phuket where the chefs will discover all the Thai islands, go fishing and will be able to cook only with the help of fire. Filming for the 4th TV series will take place here. And to close 2024 Dinner Incredible will return to Saudi Arabia in November but this time there will be lots of new features that we will reveal to you in the future.....stay tuned With love and passion Let's rock