Giorgio Diana

CEO & Founder of Dinner Incredible. Executive Chef of “Lucida” restaurant in Cairo, Founder of Dinner Incredible.

Giorgio Diana was born on 04.01.1982 in Cagliari, Italy. He completed his culinary training gaining his valuable skills & qualifications at the culinary school “Antonio Gramsci” in Cagliari.
He then gained his first working experiences in Sardinia in Hotel such as The Sofitel with executive chef Giuseppe Diana.
At the age of 17, he moved to Germany to further his gastronomic repertoire by studying German, French, Japanese & Molecular Cuisine above all of this he also gained his culinary Instructor License with the IHK in Munich.
During his time in Munich, he worked for some of the most famous Michelin awarded chefs,
Chef Bobby Breuer, Giovanni Marchesani, and Shane McMahon
His highlight in Munich was becoming sous chef at the finest “Shane” restaurant and after becoming Chef de Cuisine at the famous Michelin Restaurant “Les Cuisiniers “- in 2012/13.
The following year He traveled to Turkey and commenced his international culinary management carrier joining the Rixos Premium Hotel Group located throughout Turkey &
Russia, Here he was solely responsible for all the Italian restaurants within the hotel chain.
During this time (2015-2016) he was also awarded “cook of the year” within months of Joining the Rixos, Mryia Hotel located in Crimea, Russia, as well as being nominated in The Best Chef Awards list
He is also a member of the Maître Rôtisseurs by C_h_a_în_e_ _des Rôtisseurs and official international judge for the “WORLDCHEFS” (WACS) judging international culinary competitions and advising gastronomic institutions.
Following his success in Turkey & Russia, He was offered the opportunity to join the Pier 88 group in Egypt as corporate executive chef of the group, being awarded the best restaurant in Egypt 3 years in a row & awarded the best Head Chef 2019 of the whole African continent also back-to-back nominations in 2017-18 from The Best Chef Awards.
At the end of 2019, he moved to Amman, Jordan to oversee the opening of the overly successful project called SOLAYA, which under Chef Giorgio Diana’s direction was awarded the accolade of becoming the best restaurant in Jordan within such a very short period, surprising the local critics and astonishing the international patrons.
With such a success story, he has now been presented with the amazing opportunity to move back to Cairo for his latest venture, becoming a partner with Dr. Ahmed el Beltagy (son of the previous Egyptian minister of tourism)

Nelson Chantrawan

Michelin Star, Chef and patron of Chim by Siam Wisdow restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.

A well-rounded & skillful chef who is optimistic, flexible, friendly, collaborative, persuasive and humor person. Graduated in Communication Arts in Thailand, then spent 14 years in United Kingdom working and acquiring a Master Degrees in Master of Business Administration who also had extreme experiences in Servicing & Hospitality, Sales & Marketing, Staff Administrative & Restaurant Operations.
2016 – Present - Executive Chef proprietor at Chim By Siam Wisdom Restaurant
1 Star Michelin Guide Thailand 2018
1 Star Michelin Guide Thailand 2019
1 Star Michelin Guide Thailand 2020
1 Star Michelin Guide Thailand 2021
2018 – 2018 - Judge of Kitchen war Thailand TV Program CH 3.
2015 - 2017 - Executive Chef Global Development at Patara Group S&P syndicate CO LTD.
Teaching Thai Modern Food at ITIM School
Executive Chef Vanilla Restaurant Shianghai China
2014 – 2015 - Executive Chef at Osha Bangkok Thai restaurant
2011 – 2014 - joining Iron Chef Thailand as role of Modern Cuisine as Chef Noom
2009 - 2011 - Chef De Party at Momo Restaurant & Sketch Restaurant
Training At Fat Duck Restaurant
2008 - 2009 - Senior Chef De party at The Double Club (Sponsored by Prada
Chef de party at The Boxwood Café By Gordon Ramsay
2005 - 2008 - Head waiter and Chef De Party at ROKA and ZUMA Restaurant Group
Chef De Party at Patterson Restaurant (recommended by Michelin guide)
2003 - 2004 - Chef Proprietor at Absolute Thai Restaurant in Covent Garden
2002 - 2003 - Senior Chef De Party at Sumosan Restaurant in Mayfair
Training to get working experience in Japan and France
2001 - 2002 - Manager at Thai Square Restaurant Group
1997 - 2001 - Supervisor at Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant Group
1996 - 1997 - Sous Chef at The Fatboy Thai Restaurant Group

Jacob Jan Boerma

Michelin Star, with The White Room Restaurant, in Amsterdam, Netherland.

Jacob Jan Boerma started his education in his home country and after he workt in many countries by different famous chefs, he opened the doors of his own restaurant De Leest, Vaassen in the summer of 2002, on the outskirts of De Hoge Veluwe National Park in central Netherlands, and earned its first Michelin star 6 months after opening.
The second star followed in 2007, and by 2013, it had earned its third. Behind the incredible success of the restaurant is chef patron Jacob Jan Boerma, along with partner and sommelier Kim Veldman.
Jacob Jan takes inspiration for his dishes from its location on the edge of the Veluwe nature reserve in the Netherlands, with its rich diversity of nature, flora and fauna. ‘Our aim is to enhance nature ever so slightly’, is the chef’s modest claim, and one that he has achieved and exceeded according to the Michelin Guide which says, ‘Thanks to great cooking and subtle combinations, every bite you take is a delicious journey of discovery’.

Boerma translates the experiences he acquires from around the world, from places such as Asia and Scandinavia, and places them into cosmopolitan and creative dishes. New ingredients, new flavours and new discoveries are the foundations of the food philosophy of this classically trained Dutch chef with preverence for acidity, spices and vegetables. A perfectionist through and through, his skill and craftsmanship result in culinary art of the highest standard. However, the product is paramount for this chef, who favours local organic ingredients whenever possible. Boerma firmly believes that the quality of the product is the base of success, which he then crafts into incredibly flavoursome dishes.
In 2016, Boerma opened a restaurant within the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky a fine dining restaurant ‘the White Room’ ( 1 Michelin star ) at the Dam square in Amsterdam. Boerma is also consultant chef at Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum, which was awarded a Michelin star in December 2018 for Restaurant Voltaire.

Fatmata Binta

Executive Chef of Fulani Kitchen.

Founder - Fulani Kitchen Foundation / Executive Chef - Dine on a Mat
Chef Binta is an award winning chef born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone to first generation Sierra Leonean Fulanis of Guinean descent. She is a modern day nomadic chef. Like her ancestors, Binta has traveled to many countries to explore different cooking techniques, ingredients and ways of life. At Fulani Kitchen, she combines her nomadic Fulani roots, classical training and love for rural life and nature to create modern dishes, while maintaining the simplicity and authenticity of Fulani culture. By creating a traditional setting, discussing Fulani culture and serving ancient grains, indigenous spices and other exciting West-African ingredients in an interactive way, Binta triggers all senses and takes you to a whole new world.

Fulani Cuisine Ambassador
Chef Binta presents herself as an ambassador for Fulani cuisine and she promotes fonio, an ancient super grain, traditionally grown and consumed in West Africa. Over the last couple of years, fonio, as a result of its similarity to quinoa, has gained more attention in international culinary circles. And rightfully so- it’s gluten free, extremely nutritious, requires minimal water to grow, has a shorter life cycle than its similar foods, is more disease and drought resilient and gives back more nutrients to the soil than other staple crops like rice and maize. This little grain might possibly be one of the answers to food security and climate challenges to come. Binta’s menu almost always features this super grain, fonio, as she continues to promote its value to her guests on the mat.

Ebbe Vollmer

Two Michelin star, executive Chef & Owner of Vollmer's in Malmo, Sweden.

Chef Ebbe Vollmer began his career with the goal of apprenticing to the best chefs in the best restaurants. Ebbe’s professional life began at Grandma’s hostelry but soon took a more international turn, in which a number of famous restaurants and celebrity chefs were to play a vital role.
It is undoubtedly Gordon Ramsey who has influenced him the most, both the leadership and culinary level.
Several more years of culinary travels, during which Ebbe worked, among other places, as Head Chef at Jaan in Singapore – guiding the restaurant to No.39 on S. Pellegrino’s list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and to the No. 4 of the Asia's Top Restaurant by The Miele Guide 2010/2011. He converged once more with his brother in Malmö in the summer of 2011, turning their dream of a jointly owned restaurant into a reality.
He is a passionate leader and facilitator always try his best to encourage cross over among the different culinary cultures from west to east and from east to west by forming different types of chef dinners & exchange around the globe.
Chef Ebbe Vollmer of Vollmers awarded a two Michelin starred restaurant in 2017, 2018, 2019 Malmo, Sweden - the first restaurant in the southern city to get the awarded two stars by Guide Michelin.

Manu Buffara

Executive chef and owner of Manu in Coritiba, Brasil.

Manu Buffara is the Executive Chef and Owner of Manu located in Curitiba, Brazil, which has received critical acclaim for its tasting menu that has been recognized by World’s 50 Best and Best Chefs Awards.
Paving the way for gastronomy in Brazil, Manu celebrates the culture and produce unique to the region of Paraná.
Formerly studying journalism, Manu found her passion for cooking, realizing her way of communicating was not through words but taste.
Inspired by her family and background, Manu learned the value of land and animals growing up in the countryside and incorporates this in her everyday technique.
At Manu, she uses organic ingredients from carefully selected suppliers and her own garden.
Manu’s devotion to sustainability and quality ingredients stems into her commitment to Curitiba, working with local communities to transform abandoned sites into urban gardens and educating locals on how to care for the gardens and feed themselves.
Her home, her culture, her way of life.
A part that runs from the plateau to the coast, crossing montains, valleys and rivers.
The nature around her brings inspiration – _the ingrediente.
This is her environment.
This is the place that she belongs.
This is where her food comes from.
This is the meaning of Manu.

Sylvain Constans

Executive pastry Chef of Capella, Bangkok, Thailand.

Graduated from a culinary school in Toulon, France, in 2005, Sylvain Constans started his pastry chef career in the south of France in the Gulf of St. Tropez.
After the first year of culinary working experience, Constans turns his passion into a career abroad where he first moved to London in 2006 with an opportunity to work at the French restaurant `L'Oranger' and then at the 5-star hotel, The Dorchester, as a Chef de Partie —Patisserie.
Constans moved back to France in 2011 where he worked at some of the world's most prestigious establishments including the Dior des Lices by renowned Yannick Alleno in Saint-Tropez, the Cheval Blanc hotel in Courchevel and the Hotel Martinez in Cannes.
In 2014, Yannick Alleno offered Constans an opportunity to work in Asia as a Head Pastry Chef at Stay & Sweet Tea in Taiwan.
In 2015, Constans joined Beige by Alain Ducasse team, a collaboration with Chanel, as a Chef Patissier in Tokyo. With this exciting opportunity and challenging role, he has gained many pasty-cooking techniques from one of the most recognized French chefs, while living in the metropolitan city of Tokyo where the restaurant service standard and patisseries are one of the highest in the world. Contans joined the pre-opening team of Capella Bangkok in 2019 as an Executive Pastry Chef overseeing all of the Pastry kitchen operations and conceptualized the pastry and dessert programming of the hotel, including a dessert trolley of dainty delicacies at Tea Lounge, the Omakase Dessert experience at the Stella bar and the Phra Nakhon restaurant's bakery shop, Kin.

David Hartwig

Head Chef at IGNIV Bangkok, Thailand.

Swiss-born David Hartwig, new Head Chef at IGNIV Bangkok, was handpicked by IGNIV´s founding chef Andreas Caminada to bring the concept's unique joie de vivre to diners in Bangkok.

Prior to Chef Andreas's 3-Michelin-starred restaurant Schloss Schauenstein in Switzerland, the talented chef worked in the kitchens of other highly acclaimed restaurants including Maaemo (Oslo, Norway), The NoMad Hotel (New York, USA), Wallsé (New York, USA) and Hotel Paradies (Ftan, Switzerland).

"A meal at IGNIV is like visiting friends - friends who want you to experience the best time and make you feel at home. At IGNIV Bangkok, guests can expect a thought-through, but easy and not stuffy, full experience in terms of choice of dishes, cooking techniques products, flavor profile and balance of seasoning. The use of fresh and top-quality ingredients is very important to me and Bangkok has many fresh ingredients to choose from," said David Hartwig, Head Chef at IGNIV Bangkok by Andreas Caminada.

Ruben Arnanz

Michelin Star, executive Chef of "1986" in Madrid, Spain.

Ruben Arnanz was born in Segovia, the 1st of january 1986.
At 29 years old, he obtained his first Michelin star, becoming one of the youngest chefs to be recognized with this distinction.
Traveling through different countries and learning from the most diverse cultures, Arnanz has cooked and trained in some of the best restaurants in the world, later promoting the New Castilian Cuisine. Chef, businessman and gastronomic director, he founded Juan Bravo fonda ilustrada in Segovia, an illustrated restaurant where he offers his most popular recipes.
His new project 19.86, located in the exclusive Galería Canalejas in the heart of Madrid, opening last 2021.

Arnanz collaborates with several important companies in the fourth and fifth range sector with a team of biologists and nutritionists in the department of research and development of new products and food solutions that reach spanish homes.
He also runs his own gastronomic consulting firm, creating and establishing common objectives with those owners who wish to start or improve their proposal in any country in the world.
He has presented his first book Ancha es Castilla, where he highlights the New Castilian Cuisine in a unique edition with more than 120 recipes.
Arnanz shares his philosophy based on sustainability and resource management, thanks to which he has been able to collaborate with different schools, universities and companies in Spain and abroad.

Moeen Abuzaid

Executive Chef of The broken English in Toronto.

Moeen was born and raised in Amman, Jordan, where he discovered his passion for the culinary arts at a very young age. He started his culinary journey nineteen years ago when as a teenager the chef of an international hotel restaurant insisted he come and learn under his direction. Under the influence of many great chefs throughout his career, his passion for cooking was ignited. He has worked in some of the best five-star hotels across the Middle East, where he continued to refine and master his culinary artistry and technique.

In 2010, Moeen’s journey and desire to be known for Arabian cuisine took him to New York City. The plan he set out was to learn and experiment with the art of fine gastronomy, work with global chefs and further expand his palate; discover new ingredients and testing new flavors. In a relentless pursuit to master technique and express his personal style, Moeen acknowledges the incredibly vast world of fine gastronomy that has influenced him through reading, watching, following and building relationships with some of the greatest chefs, globally. Seven years later in this vastly diverse city, Moeen has crafted his own style of cuisine. Pursuing his dream of fine gastronomy through new Arabian cuisine, he conceptualized and opened his first pop-up restaurant, “The Broken English”. Today in Toronto, Canada, he continues to craft new dishes, paying homage to the cuisine of his region, while re-imagining classic Arabian food.

Christian Herrgesell

German Chef, culinary director and concept creator.

Christian Herrgesell is a German chef, culinary director and concept creator. He has 20 years experience in gastronomy, of which he has worked 10 years for the restaurant Tim Raue. The restaurant is ranked in the The World's 50 Best list continuously since 2014, currently at #31, also rated with 2 michelin-stars, 19,5/20 Gault&Millau points and featured in an episode of the Netflix Chef’s Table series. Together with his wife Lena Herrgesell, an organizer of top-level events, he creates exclusive corporate and private dining events internationally. During his time with Tim Raue, he not only served as Head Chef and Kitchen Director in the flagship restaurant in Berlin, but also managed the opening of 13 restaurants, including concepts in Dubai, St. Moritz and Sylt. In an overall leading role, he contributed to most special dinner events for corporations such as Omega and Mercedes Benz and a gala dinner for US president Barack Obama in Berlin. During the Covid-lockdown, he developed and lead a top-level national takeaway service. Previously, he collected experience at Landhaus Bacher in Austria (2 michelin stars) Schwabenstube in the Hotel Adler Asperg (one Michelin star) in Germany

Dieter Koshina

Two Michelin stars, executive Chef of Vila Joya, Algarve, Portugal.

Dieter Koschina was born in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, in 1962.
After training to become a chef, he gained his first experience as commis de cuisine at the traditional 5-star hotel Suvretta House in St. Moritz and the Hotel Panoramique in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.
He returned to Austria in 1983, where he assumed the position of gardemanger at the Hotels Imperial and Bristol in Vienna for five years. Then, in 1989, he was appointed chef gardemanger at the Restaurant Tantris, Munich, operating under Head Chef Heinz Winkler.
From that point onwards, Koschina's career took a sharp upward turn. At the age of 28, Koschina left Munich to work as sous-chef under star chef Gerhard Schwaiger in Mallorca for one year. He then returned to Austria, also in the position of sous-chef. At the beginning of 1991, he signed on with Vienna's Hotel Hilton Vienna Plaza, where Werner Matt was engaged as executive chef. A few months later, he received a call from Claudia Jung, owner of the Vila Joya on the Algarve, who was urgently looking for a new chef for her Boutique Resort. A brief conversation was enough to ignite the spark, with Claudia Jung and Dieter Koschina arranging a test meal just one week later in Munich. It was not long before Koschina found himself on a plane heading for the Algarve.
That was back 1991, some 26 or so years ago. The preliminary highlight of his career was being awarded his first Michelin star in 1995. Just four years later, in 1999, he gained his second star - the first chef in Portugal to achieve this accolade, and the only one until 2011. Moreover, the restaurant came 45th in the list of "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" in 2012, 37th in 2013 and - an absolute highlight - 22nd in 2014. In 2015, the Vila Joya was awarded the title of the "World's Leading Fine Dining Hotel Restaurant" by the World Travel Awards.
In addition, Dieter Koschina had the pleasure of receiving the "The World's Best Culinary Hotel" award at the Boutique Hotel Awards in London in 2016.

Paolo Casagrande

Three Michelin Stars with Lasarte restaurant in Barcelona, Spain.

Italian born and very passionate for the stoves from an early age, Paolo Casagrande studied at the Alfredo Beltrame Hospitality School in Vittorio (Veneto) in northern Italy. From a young age he made his way through numerous restaurants in Italy in order to discover new techniques, discipline and creativity in the world of cooking.
He perfected his culinary skills in prestigious haute cuisine restaurants in Italy, London or Paris, with internationally renowned chefs such as Alain Soliveres.
In 2003, Paolo Casagrande came to Martín Berasategui’s restaurant in Lasarte (Guipúzcoa). His good work and his great capacity of work made that Martin placed to him to the front of the recognized M. B. restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton, Abama (Canary Islands) where the restaurant obtained the first Michelin star.
Later, the chef managed the Castadiva Resort’s opening; a luxury hotel located at Lake Como (Italy)
In 2012 Paolo Casagrande rejoined Martín Berasategui. The complicity and mutual trust, made Martin put him at the head of the stoves in the Lasarte Restaurant located in Barcelona, which has recently been awarded with the third star in the Michelin Guide
Since February 2016, Paolo has been in charge of the gastronomic project of Momument Hotel, under the direction of Berasategui. The new Hotel of Grand Luxue welcomes the Restaurant Lasarte, Oria Restaurant and Hall0 Bar.
His career has been characterized by the depth of his commitment, consistency, constancy, effort and passion for cooking.